About fresh start

Our MissionFresh Start Center of Shelbyville and Bedford County has been called by God to be a refuge for men who have been in jail and want a changed life. We believe this is possible only through Jesus Christ. The Bible says that everyone has sinned and come short of His Glory, but that everyone deserves a new beginning where old habits pass away and all things become new. Through this change, homes are restored, hate is replaced with love, and crime is a distant word. The home stands upon the word of God, as life is very valuable and given by God. We are here to make a difference in the lives and homes of this community.  Fresh Start is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our Vision Fresh Start Center's purpose will be carried out by a board of directors, duly elected, using bylaws, rules, regulations, policies, and procedures as guidelines. The program is and will continue to be developed using moral and spiritual guidelines which will help promote character in the individuals accepted into the program and will make them assets, not liabilities, to society.


Fresh Start Center of Shelbyville, Bedford County (FSCSBC) is tailored for those who recognize they have a life-controlling problem and need assistance in a structured environment that is firmly rooted in Christian principles.

FSCSBC is an eighteen-month program focusing on spiritual growth, work ethics, educational achievements and a structured one step program.

During the program, residents will be assisted in their recovery through four program dynamics.

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StaffPastor Jay Pope, Executive Director

Brother Johnny Waid, House Manager

Board of Directors

Sondra Barnes, President
Paul Demhlow, Vice President
Barnett Payne, Treasurer
Judy Hornaday, Secretary
Jay Pope, Executive Director
Scotty Garrett
Ed Hillegass Jr.
Steve Brewer
Bob Hendrix

Advisory Board

Ron Obenauf
Frank Pagello
Mark McBryant